Interested in Joining KLOB?

What We're About:

Established in 1993, Kalamazoo Libation Organization of Brewers exists to promote the responsible appreciation of the brewing arts, provide a forum for learning, and to generally advance the understanding of beer and brewing to not only club members but to the general public as well. We have been a registered club with the American Homebrew Association (AHA) since 1993 and we are dedicated to the support of the craft both recreationally and professionally.

When We Meet:

We meet on the third Monday of the month. We have presentations on beer and brewing related topics as well as guest speakers throughout the year.

Is KLOB Worth The Time:

Some homebrewers debate the validity and worth of a club. We suggest you come to one of our meetings before you make a judgment. You don't need KLOB to brew great beer, it just makes it a bit more fun. We also believe that the knowledge growth curve is accelerated when you interact with your homebrewing and beer-loving peers.

Also, by mingling with people with the same interests as yourself, several great opportunities always seem to pop up. Such opportunities include deals and discounts on group purchases, organization and arrangement of fun brew-related events, buying, selling, and bartering of used equipment, the discovery of resources that would be otherwise left unnoticed, and of course the chance to keep in touch and help each other out on the KLOB Discussion Board (which is available online as a part of your KLOB membership).

KLOB members also receive a discount card that is good for member-only deals at many local businesses.  Another important benefit is access to the multitudes of books and magazines in the KLOB Library. We think that you can very quickly justify the cost of a good 6-pack of beer for a year of enjoyment.

What Do I Get If I Join KLOB:

  • KLOB Discount card
  • Online Discussion Board
  • Use of the KLOB All-Grain System
  • Use of the KLOB Professional Floor Bottle Corker
  • Use of the KLOB Draught Box
  • Discounted prices on group purchases
  • Brew-related KLOB events (Pub Crawls, Group Trips, Group Brewing Events, etc.)
  • Buying, selling, and bartering of used equipment
  • Discounted tickets to our annual KLOB Roasts
  • Discounted fare on our Bus Trips
  • Access to the extensive KLOB Library including Zymurgy and Brewing Techniques magazines dating back to 1993
  • Knowledge through interaction at our monthly meetings
  • Knowledge from our monthly "Program" including guest speakers that are professionals in the brewing community
  • Discounts on KLOB T-shirts, embroidered shirts, hats, pint glasses, etc.

How Do I Join?:

Joining KLOB is simple. Attend one of our meetings and if you like what you see, the yearly dues are only $15. If you don't like what you see, you can give us another chance or you can go on your merry way at least knowing that you tried. (We solemnly doubt that we could scare anyone off that easily.) Upon joining, you will immediately be able to enjoy all of the said benefits and you won't want to look back. We hope to see you at our next meeting!

Member Benefits

10% off all HomeBrewing Equipment and Supplies @ the General Store

355 E Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007 

(269) 382-5712





10% off all Hops and Apparel, with additional seasonal and member only offerings.

4630 W Hickory Rd, Hickory Corners, MI 49060

(269) 671-4439


Exclusive Member-Only pricing on all-gases(c02, oxygen, etc)

3787 Park Cir Dr, Kalamazoo, MI 49048

(269) 344-0518

10% off your purchase.

260 E. Michigan ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49007


10% off spices.

352 S Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

(269) 978-3475

CO2 Refill Specials:

2.5# - 10# Tanks = $15.90 with tax

15# - 20# Tanks = $21.20 with tax

Price is to refill tanks, instead of exchange.

Approved Protection

2513 Burdick Kalamazoo, MI 49007

(269) 381-2363

$1 off of pints.

Boatyard Brewing Co.

432 E Paterson St, Kalamazoo Twp, MI 49009

(269) 226-0300

10% off your purchase, plus seasonal specials on cider.

Husted Farms

9191 W Main St, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

(269) 372-1237